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We are a locally based company providing pest control solutions in and around Leicester. We have experience in the pest control industry since 1998 and being locally based we provide a fast and efficient service. We are a multi lingual organisation, you can call and speak to us in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.


We ensure that domestic pest control customers get the same fast, reliable, effective service that contract customers enjoy. Our commitment to protecting the environment, and our outstanding safety record, means you can trust 4 Seasons Environmental Services to deal with any problems, large or small. We always aim to use the minimum amount of chemicals possible, so its perfectly safe to call us in even if you have pets or small children in the house.

Although there are many pest control products out there on the market, we are the professionals that provide “positive solutions for your pest pollution”.


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07832 229 107

Business Hours

Monday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 5:00 pm


We all know every business is different – however companies and organisations in each market sector share very similar characteristics and have comparable priorities. We’ve established the strength of our pest control services around understanding your business needs and requirements and producing the appropriate pest control solutions to match.

Service Contracts

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Pests We Cover

  • Ants

  • Mice

  • Squirrels

  • Rats

  • Lice

  • Fleas

  • Bed Bugs

  • Moths

  • Beatles

  • Cockroaches

  • Wasps

  • Bees

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do for ant problems?2019-05-05T16:40:39+00:00

We carry out a survey and a treatment. Thereafter a revisit is for a few weeks time. Treatments can very from gels, sprays and dusts. We provide 2 months cover after treatments are complete and if more treatments are required then there is no extra cost.

I have bedbugs, should I throw away my bed?2019-05-05T16:40:00+00:00

We will assess how bad the infestation is and decide what needs to be moved or removed. Then we will carry out a thorough treatment with 2 chemicals from under floors to ceiling.  Second treatment is booked in for 7-10 days. The treatment has a residual effect which will be active for around 2 months. Infestations can take up to a month to clear in an occupied property. We will not treat individual rooms this is because bed bugs will move from room to room.

What are treatment packages?2019-05-05T16:39:34+00:00

Packages give customers peace of mind that we will make sure the job is done from surveys, treatments, recommendations with 2 months cover.  Some customers prefer a full year’s cover and all packages are tailored to the requirement of the customer and properties.

Pest Control Environmental Policy

4 Season Environmental Services Ltd is committed to providing quality services and products by capable and adequately trained and supervised staff, using work procedures which contribute to enhanced protection of the environment.
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