4 Season Environmental Services Ltd is committed to providing quality services and products by capable and adequately trained and supervised staff, using work procedures which contribute to enhanced protection of the environment.

4 Season Environmental Services is further committed:

  • To co-operate with our suppliers and with our customers and their other contractors and site visitors, to ensure good environmental practices,
  • To communicate and consult appropriately with staff, in order to encourage good
  • environmental practices and to develop improvements,
  • To provide staff with information, instruction, training and supervision so that they can
  • recognise their responsibilities for complying with the environmental procedures.They are also asked to report to 4 seasons, any matter they would reasonably consider represented a shortcoming in 4 season environmental management arrangements.
  • To comply with environmental legislation. Anjum Sheikh will provide appropriate financial and physical resources to maintain this policy.

These arrangements include the procedures for monitoring, reviewing and reporting environmental performance, for ensuring compliance with legislation and for developing progressive improvements in environmental performance.

The Environmental Policy will be reviewed regularly and at other times as may be necessary, by the Managing Director and Health, Safety and Environment Manager. Revisions will be appropriately issued.



January 2007